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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My goals update

I made several New Years resolutions this year, so I thought I'd do an update post. Here's how I've been doing!

I'm sorry to report that so far, this one is a dismal failure. I wish I could afford a gym membership, because if I actually had somewhere to go, I think I'd be a lot more motivated. Oh well, I just need to get on the ball and START. I think starting an exercise program is the hardest part, because once I get into a routine, I'm usually pretty good about sticking with it...At least, for a while.:P

I've decided to just visit my parents this Summer, because my sister is going to visit them at that time, and I haven't seen her in almost a year. Luckily, I don't need to save up nearly as much to go and see my parents, so I'm actually doing pretty good on that goal. I figure I'll need about $400, including gas, spending money, and paying for someone to watch my dog. So far, I've saved up $200, so I'm halfway there!

I've been doing pretty well with this one. One thing that has helped, is I've been really trying to stick with my menu plan. I have a tendency to make one, and then decide I don't want to make the meals I planned! Another thing I've been working on is trying not to waste so many leftovers. This requires me to make some unusual concoctions, but I think it really cuts down on my grocery spending. The average household wasts 12% of the food they buy...12%! I'm trying to stop being a member of that statistic.

I'm happy to report that this one is going well, too! My kids and I recently started going to a church, and the people there seem very friendly and nice. It's really difficult for me to reach out to people, because of bad experiences that I've had, so I'm hoping that this time I'm finally making the right decision.

Unfortunately, I haven't made much headway on this one. This weekend, though, I'm determined to at least organize my kitchen cabinets. Sadly, this has been my goal for the past 4 weekends!:P


Julie said...

Is there a gym at your school? Or a pool? Might be worth checking out, especially if you're already paying for it as part of your student fees.

Our frugal routine for exercise is running in the basement. No treadmill. Just laps (until we get dizzy, smallish room LOL!) or in place. It will be REALLY nice to get outside. We started at 5 minutes, and worked our way up. We're at 45 minutes now.

But I despise running, and I'm seeing absolutely no weight loss (more energy and feel better though) so I bought Jillian Michaels' 30-day Shred from Exercise TV. It was $9.99 for a downloadable (a little higher for a DVD). It's a 20-minute circuit workout. Used it for the first time this morning and it feels like it might work.

Good luck! I've been in a similar situation to yours (although I only had one child at the time). I admire your toughness!

Mary said...

WhenI have to do a job I'm dreading (like organizing cabinets), I tell myself that I'll just do SOME of it. Once I get started, I usually don't mind it so much and I finish. It's getting started that's hard.

Sherlin said...

Ive been meaning to get into a workout routine myself!! I just dont have anyone who can go with me. Or i DO but she prefers to pay for a gym membership even tho she and i both get free gym access to the gyms on post. Maybe you could come with me. Im allowed a guest:)

Anonymous said...

I struggle with the exercise thing too! Gym memberships just don't fit into the budget. I do have a few pieces of equipment that I have acquired over the years. I am blessed to have Crossfit workouts emailed to me by my pastor (he is a health nut!)that I can do by myself or when I can, I do it with friends(one of them has a mini gym in their garage. When I want more cardio than strength training, I turn to the cable tv. Also, I discovered that the public library has LOADS of exercise DVDs. Another favorite of mine is