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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Williamsburg Update! and Frugal goals

Today I checked my Williamsburg savings account and discovered I'm a little ahead of schedule in my savings goals! So far I've saved: $590 hotel money, and $140 spending money! I had $200 in spending money, but I had to use $60 of it to buy firewood.:( At least I still have 1 more week to save. I'm thinking I won't buy too many groceries this week, because we need to eat up what I already have! There's nothing worse than going on vacation with a bunch of food sitting in the fridge...Slowly decomposing.:P If I'm careful with my grocery spending and my miscellaneous spending, I'm hoping to have another $40 saved by the end of next week. $180 for my spending money isn't too bad! I'm really excited about this vacation. I love Williamsburg and this has been a bad few months for me and my kids, so we could really use some time off!

I've decided to start setting some frugal goals for myself, so maybe I'll get more excited about my new, single life and not pine so much for my old, married one. Here are the goals I've decided to try and reach!
Finish my afghan. I started crocheting an afghan like a year ago and I would really like to finish it! Crocheting is a fun and relatively frugal hobby. My mom is an AWESOME crocheter (is that even a word?). I'm an okay crocheter, but I still like it a lot. This frugal goal is really more about me getting back in the swing of things, than it is about frugality. It's been really hard for me to be motivated to do anything, since my husband left.
Start making my own yogurt again. I used to make yogurt a lot, but again...I stopped when my husband left. I get milk for free through WIC, though, so making yogurt would be an extremely frugal use of my time! I'm going to try to make a batch over the weekend in my crock pot.
Bake some freaking bread. When do you think I stopped baking my own bread...? I really like baking, is the ironic part! Baking my own bread is much healthier and more frugal than eating store bought. It's about motivation. Being depressed makes me tired, but I'm hoping that if I just start doing all of the things I like again, I won't feel so depressed anymore. I'm hoping to make some beer bread rolls this weekend, to enjoy with some leftover bean soup!

Those are all the frugal goals I can handle for now.:P I'll post next Thursday and tell how I did!

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Mary said...

Listing your goals will help you achieve them. Try making a list of things you like to do, especially if they're also positive, like making yogurt. Look at your list every day, and just make yourself get started on something. You'll probably find that you're enjoying yourself and then you'll get a lot of things done. Then you'll feel even better!