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Friday, January 15, 2010

Frugal artistic expression

I used to be very artistic, before my ex-husband drained me of all my will and motivation. I'm starting to wake up again and now...It's like I'm actually turning back into Liz. I don't know how exactly to describe it, but it's like I've been living in a play, with a set character I was supposed to be. Now I'm trying to learn who I really am, and what I really like to do. I feel like I've been in a coma, where the world was filled with washed out pastels, everyone had the same face, and nothing interesting ever happened. Anyway, here are the ideas for frugal art that I've had to try and color in some of the new outlines I've made in my life!

I really like to write, but I had stopped for a long time. Recently, I've become inspired again, and it's awesome! Writing a poem is like creating a painting, or a sculpture. It makes you really look at something, and then want to describe it so everyone else can see it like you did. You could write anything, poems, short stories, editorials, books, plays...I happen to prefer poems. I think it's because I'm too lazy to write anything that requires "filler" words.:P I like to write, because I really want to expand my mind and see everything of interest and beauty in the world. Best of all, writing is free! All it requires is time.

I mean soap, candles, blankets, clothes, pottery, anything that has a purpose, but could still be creatively made. I've actually made soap before, and it is fun and pretty inexpensive. I mean, it depends on the kind of soap you're making.:P My goal is to make another batch of soap before Summer! I also like to crochet blankets, which is...Semi-frugal. Yarn can be pretty expensive, so you have to watch for sales and kind of stock up when you can. I really would like to learn how to sew. My mom can sew and she made me 2 beautiful aprons for Christmas. I feel all motherly when I wear them.:P Years and years ago I took a pottery class with my sister, and I really liked it. Someday, I would like to take another one. I have this dream of having all of these beautiful, handmade dishes and mixing bowls to use.:P

Arranging food on a plate can be beautiful, and artistic. A jug of flowers, an afghan thrown over the couch, a mug tree with pretty mugs displayed. All of these things can add beauty for very little expense. My goal is to first clean, and organize, and de-clutter my house. Afterwards, I'm going to find pretty things I already have and figure out a way to display them. Then I plan to start a frugal, artistic project and FINISH it! (That is definitely one of my problems!).

It's easy to get caught up in the everyday grind and sort of forget than anything else exists. The constant stress of money, kids, work, and everything else can really take it's toll on us. I don't know about my readers, but I know I lived in that dark world with my husband for almost a decade. We only get the one life. I'm determined to enjoy the rest of mine!


Mary said...

You ARE a very artistic person, and I'm glad you're getting back to expressing it. Sewing and crocheting can both be expensive at first, but can save you money in the long run. Anyway, they are wonderful ways to be creative.

WilliamB said...

I hear you about yarn being expensive. If I may offer a suggestion - I've noticed some semi-reliable sources of people trying to get rid of yarn, often for free. In my area the most likely sources are craigslist, freecycle, and yard sales; then goodwill and, occasionally, asking at a local yarn shop.

I also hear you about arranging food nicely. That was the thing that had to be pounded into my head, when I took a semester-long class at a cooking school. Another advantage is that it makes the food look "bigger" and better, always useful when cooking on a budget.

I hope your new year is going well and that your inner artist comes roaring out.

Jil said...

I like your goals! I find it so hard myself to actually finish a project. I have an unfinished dog painting to try and complete soon. Then, in my own goal is to first clean, then organize and declutter. I want to have a clean organized home and if it gets done I'll have to do it! :)

I think I can get it that way, it's just keeping it that way that will be the problem. I have to daughters, a preteen and a teenager that I have to get on board with me.

Thanks for sharing your story.