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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wood Windfall!

I have been encouraging my next door neighbors to start using their fireplace for over two years now. This past weekend, they finally decided to try it out, only to discover their chimney needs to be cleaned! The fireplace smokes terribly and can't be used at all. I felt kind of bad, because I'd been preaching about the wonders of wood burning for so long, and they had really gotten their hopes up.
After we realized that the fireplace really needs professional attention, they decided to just not bother, and they gave me all of the wood they had been planning to burn! It's great wood, already cut and well seasoned. I burned some yesterday and it lasted a long time, and burned very hot and bright. I still have enough for at least two more days! It's been so cold here, I'll take all the extra warmth I can get.

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Mary said...

Too bad your neighbors can't use their fireplace, but at least the wood is being put to good use!